apa yang kalian suka untuk info yang akan sharing?

apa yang kalian suka untuk info yang akan sharing?

Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

Shiho Releases Her First Photobook [Updated with Video]

Shiho Releases her First Photobook
Actress Shiho, best known as Tomoko Nozama of the recently concluded Kamen Rider Fourze, have released her first photobook “SHIHO” last August 27th. The photobook features her in swimsuits and semi-nude shots!

Turning 20 this October, her role as Tomoko, where she was a goth girl, is very much different in real life. She had already taken minor roles in JDramas prior to Kamen Rider Fourze.

In her first photo book you can enjoy her real beauty to the fullest, along with rare swimsuit pictures and even some more daring shots as proven by cover seen above. Shiho sommented,
“The water in the river was cold and it had also already become cold during the evening shoots, but it was a lot of fun. The pictures when I’m smiling, those are my favorites. The pictures with me having fun while wearing the red swimsuit or while I’m touching my butt are great as well. The latter was done completely unconsciously… One of my habits.”

And when asked about her 20th birthday, she expressed,
“I want to further expand my acting and my range of roles. It’s not about looking good on screen, but about being able to fascinate the viewers. That’s what I want people to say about me, that’s the kind of actress I want to become.”
Shiho's “SHIHO” photobook is already available, and costs 3000 yen.Order your own copies now at CDJapan and get exciting bonuses!

Source: Cinema Today via tokyohive

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